“Revolution Narrative” captured Best in Show at Spectrum 2011, which closed May 19 at Rossetti Fine Art.

“When he sent me an image of ‘Revolution Narrative,’ I was very impressed,” says gallery owner Tom Rossetti. “I said, ‘Now that is the direction in which you should move.’ When I saw it in person, I knew that it was the best in show. Not only were the drawings sound and well-executed, but there were 25 of them drawn and painted on wood. There were nails, wire and mesh, all incorporated into the work. All of the pieces were politically charged with depictions of war and violence.

“Then, to top it all off, he assembled the pieces into a sculpture in the round,” Rossetti continues. “The piece stands over 5 feet tall and demands attention. This is what art is — pushing the limits of the medium, making a statement and taking risks.”